Route Card

Note that this is slightly expanded from what you will get on the day


start Run down greenway to first bridge
*0.6 After bridge follow fingerpost down to left,immediate left u-turn, follow path with field boundary to your left
*1.3 Follow fingerpost down to left,Follow path through woods ***steps***
*1.5 Exit woods and follow path, river to your left
*1.8 Pass underroad bridge and pass foot bridgeFollow path with river to your left
*2.4 After bandstand on right, follow path to the rightTurn sharp left over wide footbridge over the river
*2.5 Continue straight onpast Cox’s YardStay on footpath past traffic lights and over canal

Sharp left towards canal

Continue left to pass under bridge alongside canal

*2.7 Pass under road bridge onto lhs Stratford canal
2.8 At bridge 69, cross to rhs
7.9 Bearley aqueduct(the longest of its kind in the uk)
8.4 At bridge 55, cross to lhs
10ish Checkpoint 1 navigation pub, bridge 54
11.4 At bridge 48 cross to rhs
11.9 At bridge 46 cross to lhs
12.5 At bridge 44 cross to rhs
15.4 At bridge 37 cross to lhs
Lapworth junction – KEEP TO LHS  – not grand union canal or you will end up in London – that’s a different race
15.8 At bridge 33 cross to rhs
16.2 At bridge 32 cross to lhs
16.8 At bridge 30 cross to rhs
20ish Checkpoint 2 the blue bell cider house, bridge 19
At bridge 3 follow the canal tow path under the bridge
27.4 At bridge 2 follow path away from the canal to the rd (tunnel is only for boats)
Cross  brandwood rd, follow green on lhs of brandwood pk rd, cross Sheffield rd and take path at the end of the houses back onto the canal
28.4 At canal junction – small humped back bridge, turn right onto Birmingham and Worcester canal – signposted Birmingham
Follow the tow path – Crossing the canal two more times following the path
30ish finish


*Denotes the part of the race which is marshalled

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