jw ultra and relay

Can all relay captains send this out to team members a few reminders – it’s nearly time to race, and i have checked all the weather stations i can find and all bar the BBC say dry, sunny/cloudy.  the BBC says light rain so just in case, make sure you have something waterproof in your bag for the walk from bournville to rowheath at the end of the race. The race is run under permit from the TRA and so is under UKA rules, as last year i would like to remind you all:

“Assistance Whilst Running. A competitor may only be accompanied by an attendant for all or part of a race when the rules for that particular race authorise this. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification of the competitor being helped.”

This also applies to drinks/food, which can only be taken on at the designated check points (unless inemergency obviously)

Obviously, we cannot really police either of these rules but it would be a against the philosophy of the jw and would not be in keeping with the memory of John Ward, which is what the race is about.
If anyone has any specific health issues can they let me know, i will keep this information confidential and destroy it afterwards
Please come to rowheath pavilion the night before for a quick drink and to say hello, i don’t get much chance to talk to people on the day
If i think of anything else i will email later in the week, any questions? ask now!

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